Best Gorilla Safari Companies in Africa

What Are Best Gorilla Safari Companies?

Gorilla trekking is one of the best safari activities that are carried out in Africa to be specific in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since you cannot organize your own gorilla trip to the best thing to do is get a good tour operator to help you organize the trip in your desired country. There are many local tour operators who can help with this and the main reason as to why you should use a local operator is because they know their way around the country.

Best Gorilla trek companies in Africa

Some of the best gorilla companies in Uganda include the following.

 #1 Insight Safari Holidays

Tel: 0392613687
Address: 8753 Kampala
Plot 19 Bukoto Street


#2 Kori Safaris

Tel: 0701600600
Address: Njovu complex, Hoima Road

#3 Wild Whispers Africa

Tel: 0793503426
Address: 8872, Kampala
Plot 19, Bukoto Street

You should note that the above tour operators and many more others can easily book you a gorilla trekking safari both within Uganda and Rwanda.

gorilla tours africa

How to choose the best tour operator for gorilla trekking

There are several tour companies that are always opening up every day and although some of them are registered, others are not. When you look into detail the services that are offered by the different tour companies, it is very rare not to see the gorilla trekking package. Getting the right company to take you for gorilla trekking might be hard even after reading through the different reviews and that is why we have written down a few things that you should first look out for before deciding on a specific company.

  • Check on TripAdvisor to find out whether the company is really reputable in taking tourists to their desired destination. In case a company has a lot of negative reviews, then it is better if you avoid it where necessary. However it does not mean that a few negative reviews make a company bad, it is better if you get a company that has at least 4 to 5 star ratings.
  • Make sure that the companies are registered with the local tour operators associations in the respective countries. Even if a company has the logo on its website, it is better to go to the associations’ website and find out if the company is fully registered.
  • Check their websites and find out more on how they operate, their services and prices.
  • Make sure that the company that the communication between you and the tour operator is constant so that you are updated on everything concerning your trip.
  • When it comes to payment for your gorilla safari, make sure that you transfer the accounts to the company’s account and not a personal accounts. There are a lot of people who want to earn quick money and you would not want to lose your money to a fraudster.
  • Decide on how you are going to travel that is either with a group or privately. Once you decide how you want to travel, then make sure that the company you are choosing can easily accommodate you and your needs.

There are different tour companies that deal majorly in gorilla trekking both in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and below is a list of the companies according to the reviews and star rating of TripAdvisor.


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