Escarpment Luxury Lodge Manyara

Escarpment Luxury Lodge welcomes guests to the amazing attractiveness of this African bush. Having broad windows plus doors, visitors will experience nature around them while they sit in their comfort as well as luxury of the wonderfully fitted bar and living room. A large deck surrounding the communal lodge with spectacular views of Lake Manyara and the gorge on which this lodge preches. Escarpment Luxury Lodge Manyara is made up of Sixteen outstandingly designed private chalets and each of them has a private balcony.

Lake Manyara National Park is a very remarkable place to check out. Situated within a lengthy, slim corridor created by the emerging cliffs of the stunning escarpment of the Great Rift Valley as well as the shores of a gorgeous lake. This park provides a wide variety as well as a profusion of wildlife. Escarpment Luxury Lodge is found near the rift wall at a high elevation, providing an excellent view of Lake Manyara. The Guests can visit the close by Mto wa Mbu village to enjoy some of the cultural activities including the making of art, irrigation farming, dance performances as well as local cuisines.

Vegetation and Climate of Lake Manyara National Park

Due to the fact that there is a great diversity of wildlife habitats inside this park it supports not only a huge number as well as an amazing diversity of wild animals but also various types of birds. This park has a variety of different types of trees including the   flat-topped umbrella like acacia trees, sausage trees, doum palms, baobabs trees plus the yellow fever trees, .

This region experiences an extended dry season which commences in June to September while the brief season commences from January till February. The sizeable lake Manyara is an amazing soda lake which minimizes greatly throughout the dry months. Even so the park has a constant availability of water all year long with many fresh-water springs as well as flowing streams coming from the escarpment.

Animals within Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara is mainly known for the tree climbing lions living here although there are several other different types of wild animals that you will come across such as waterbucks, zebras, warthogs, numerous hippos, reedbucks, very many buffaloes, elephants, giraffes as well as impalas.

The forest within the park has various primate species such as baboons, vervet monkeys as well as blue monkeys. Be on the watch for lizards especially close to the banks of the river.

Birds in Lake Manyara

This national park has over 380 recorded types of birds seen over the past recent years, as well as many other types of migrant species. There are thousands and thousands of Greater and lesser flamingoes which are normally seen around Lake Manyara which is actually an alkaline lake. more still, there are different types of water birds  on the lakeshore such as the different ducks,  Sacred glossy hadada ibis, grey black headed herons, the cattle-white egrets, spur wing-crowned-blacksmith Plovers, the marabou-saddle billed- yellow billed stork as well as the spur winged-Egyptian geese.

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