Haven Nature Camp and Lodge

Haven Nature Camp plus lodge is budget accommodation situated in Mto wa Mbu region close to Lake Manyara National Park on the spectacular Rift Valley Escarpment. The camp has constructed within a natural environment and all its tents are surrounded with abundant tropical shrubs. Every morning awaken to the melodious sounds of  the different African birds that bring to mind the true sensation of the African wilderness while staying at this lodge.

For visitors who prefer to spend their holiday in a spacious place, Haven Nature Camp is the best place to be as it offers large rooms having en suite bathrooms with flowing water plus a toilet.

The peaceful and unspoiled surroundings encompassing the camp comprise of exotic plant life and animals that make Haven Nature Camp the number 1 place to enjoy bird watching. Approximately 50 species of the birds present in Lake Manyara National park are endemic to this region.

During your vacation at Haven Nature Camp several activities may be arranged for you. among these activities are cultural tours, to the Iraque  people a local Tribe here you will have the opportunity to participate in their traditional activities such as their wonderful traditional dances, take  Nature walks along the rift valley escarpment as you walk through the different animals tracks and even watch various species of birds along the way.

During the night you may have a barbeque dinner served near the bonfire beneath of a blanket of stars dotting the vast African skies.

Lake Manyara National Park

Due to the variety of habitats inside the park Lake Manyara National Park supports not only a huge quantity and diversity of wild animals but birds as well. The park has a variety of tree species including flat topped acacia trees commonly referred to as umbrella trees, sausage trees,  doum palms, baobabs trees plus the yellow fever trees.

This park has more than 380 different bird species that have been recorded in the past couple of years, in addition to several migrant species. The thousands of Greater flamingoes and lesser flamingoes that over and over congregate around the shore of Lake Manayara are a great spectacle worth observing during your visit in this park. When it comes to listing the birds species here the list is really long however here are some of the bird species you will see in the park: the cattle-white egrets, grey black headed herons,  marabou-saddle billed- yellow billed stork, Sacred glossy hadada ibis ,spur winged-Egyptian geese , different species of duck and the spurwin crowned blacksmith Plovers.

Lake Manyara is well known for its resident tree climbing lions, despite the fact that there are several other wild animals you will come across while exploring the park such as huge elephants, numerous buffalos, several hippos, giraffes, warthogs, impalas, zebras, waterbucks, along with reedbucks.

Various types of primates are found within the park’s forest including baboons, blue monkeys and the vervet monkeys. Watch out for lizards particularly on the banks of the river, old termite-mounds as well as mongeese.

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