Kiboko Bushcamp

Kiboko Bush camp is a beautiful luxury tented camp located near the stunning Lake Manyara National Park renowned for it’s resident population of tree climbing lions, numerous elephants (best described in ‘Amongst the Elephants’ a book by Ian Douglas Hamilton), a hippo pool as well as various species of birds. This bush camp is uniquely designed particularly for the needs of lovers of Mother Nature. Its location allows it to be a really suitable stopover for those beginning or concluding a safari along the Northern Circuit National Parks in Tanzania that include Lake Eyasi, Tarangire, Lake Natron, Lake Manyara Serengeti as well as the Ngorongoro crater.

This camp well blends into the natural environment making it possible for guests to personally experience this wilderness and closeness to Mother Nature. Additionally, it is the finest place to start for the thrilling Mto wa Mbu cultural tourism treks near the edge of the Great Rift Valley as well as the floor water forest. Kiboko Bush camp is located beneath the Accavua trees with wide ranging views sweeping over the stunning Lake Manyara.

‘Mto wa Mbu’ is a local Swahili phrase translated as ‘River of mosquito’; this is so because several years ago (nearly 100 years ago) when people explored this area, they discovered that this river has numerous mosquitoes. Today, this river no longer has these mosquitoes as it was then and actually there are numerous people living around its fertile banks with an estimate of over 120 tribes living within this area.

The impressive floor water forest implies that if you drill 10 meters below into the ground in this area, you will actually find water. Amazingly, you will find this forest which shrives in areas whose water levels are very near the earth surface, and among the prevalent species are the umbrella-like acacia or the Migunga trees


Among the facilities offered at Kiboko Bush camp are:

A spacious communal building

A large lounge in which you can hold group meetings

A well stocked Gift Shop

A Restaurant that offers various local and internationally themed dishes and also caters for guests that are vegetarians. The well experienced chef delicately prepares all meals putting in mind the guests’ preferences. The meals which include breakfast, lunch and dinner are normally served in the communal dining area. however on request, breakfast may be delivered to your tent.

A fully stocked bar serving an assortment of drinks (such as beers, wines and spirits) as well as snacks

Luxury Accommodation offered in tents that have twin beds as well as a private bathroom with flowing hot and cold water plus a toilet attached at the rare end. Those on a limited budget, there are ordinary tents.

The types of sleeping accommodation here include:

The Luxury tent which go for about US $ 55 per individual every night.

The mid-range Ordinary camp that goes for about US $ 15 per individual every night

The Budget camp which can accommodate 2 people at about US $ 10 per individual every night

The Single at about US $15 per individual every night

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