Manyara Ranch Conservancy

Manyara Ranch Conservancy is a 6 luxury tented camp operating in a private area covering 35000 acres between Tarangire NP and Manyara National Park. This conservancy’s emphasis is on offering activities including wildlife together with the local Masai residents.

Initially a cattle ranch, the main objective has moved to conservation as well as tourism. This is a groundbreaking project that assists protect the significant Kwa Kuchinja wild animals corridor connecting Lake Natron Game Conservation Area, the Maasai lands to the South, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Tarangire ecosystem as well as Manyara ecosystem.

To assist preserve Manyara Ranch, a tourism-program was started which currently offers facilities for guests to experience wild animals and the local culture around this wilderness region. Guests pleasure in a variety of activities, most of which are hardly ever offered in other places in Tanzania.

There are a number of big dams on this ranch that attract several wild animals to the conservancy. There’s a sizeable resident population of wild animals including large herds of bull elephants, herds of giraffe, numerous lesser kudu, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, oryx as well as elands. In addition there are predators, such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals plus bat-eared foxes. For several years, wild dogs have lived on this ranch.

The resident wild animal population is constantly increased by the wild animals moving through this migratory corridor. Also there is a great profusion of various bird species including numerous raptors. Manyara Ranch has numerous distinctive habitats, such as the open savannah, riverine forest, the acacia woodland plus bushes.

The green season happens in April, May plus June and once again in the months of November and December and it brings a verdant environment quite different from the sun burnt golden grass and less foliage that defines the dry season. All year round, the Conservancy continues to be a sanctuary for wild animals moving from one park and wildlife conservation areas to another that surround this Conservancy.


Accommodation is offered in 6 Traditional tents within this East African Luxury Tented Camp and is supported by a wide choice of activities including horse riding, game walks, game drives, night drives, game viewing from hides, fly-camping, cultural exchanges with the Maasai and extensions to Tarangire, Manyara and Ngorongoro.

The Conservancy offers guided wildlife walks, game drives at night and during the day, 4wd safari extensions to close by parks, check out the adjacent villages and enjoy safari activities such as horseback riding with large game, bush breakfast as well as dinners in addition to participative research routines to promote the current conservation projects together with the African Wildlife Foundation. All this in the middle of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, makes this Manyara Ranch Conservancy a perfect destination for those on an extended stay.

Accommodation details:

six luxurious accommodation tents

Insect proof

En-suite bathrooms

Well spaced out tents

Flush toilets and bathrooms supplied with flowing hot & cold water

Electricity supplied by Generator plus inverter

Central charging area for electrical gadgets (230V)

Dining tent having interior and exterior dining area

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