Migunga Tented Camp

Situated in a lavish, low light glade, close to the northeastern shores of Lake Manyara, Migunga is a tranquil tented camp that provides quick access to the national park (it is just 10 minutes away) at an excellent price. The massive thatched communal area (that houses the bar plus dining area that is completely open in front and faces a tall rack of fever trees) is where visitors spend most of their evenings exchanging safari ideas. The initial tents, varied to the left as well as right of the building, would be best avoided. Because the Moivaro group took control of this camp, eleven new tents have already been added in, and these (from number 6-16) are greatly preferable. They’re foundĀ  away from the dining and bar area, however it is an enjoyable walk (in the company of an askari in the night), and they are larger and much more private, permit in more day light, and have much more pleasing bathrooms (with flushing toilet, large shower area, a wash basin sunk in the wood, huge mirror). There aren’t any reading lamps, even though — just a simple overhead bulb. The Migunga is pretty clean, functional, and a great alternative for cyclers, taking mountain bike trips around the northeastern lakeshore, where you could come across zebras, giraffes as well as wildebeests. Remember that from February up to May, there are numerous mosquitoes.

At Migunga you will awaken each and every morning to the beautiful sun rays that find their way through the numerous Migunga trees. In the afternoons you may enjoy an adventure on a mountain bike along the trails found in the backyard of Lake Manyara or you may enjoy viewing the impressive vervet monkeys. The evenings are thrilling with the amazing forest sounds and the sounds of nocturnal creatures.

Migunga is made up of nineteen semi-luxury permanent tents on elevated platforms having attached bathrooms as well as private verandas. This camp was upgraded and 11 extra tented nice suites that are very spacious and pitched on wooden platforms and there is a thatched main building that houses a restaurant, reading area plus bar. Every one of the tents is privately placed near a central glade, providing shade as well as privacy but only a brief distance to the restaurant plus bar.


Local activities
several Mountain bike trails

Walks in Lake Manyara

Early morning thrilling bird walks

Cultural walks to the adjacent villages

Forest walks

Micro-lighting across the Rift Valley

Overview of Migunga Tented Camp

Nineteen Semi-luxury tents having spacious bathroom established under a cover of acacia trees

All the tents are on elevated platform having their own private verandahs

Bathrooms have flush toilets, showers, bottled water, hand washbasins, towels, and soap

Mosquito nets, room spray for mosquitoes and mosquito coils in addition to candles plus matches

The bathroom plus rooms are well lit with Electric lights

Charging facilities for cameras and batteries

A Fairytale set-up every evening standard hurricane lamps outside along paths and close to the tents

A Restaurant plus a well stocked bar

Rates for those on Full and half board stay

Picnic lunch boxes

Room service

An evening Campfire

Green garden All year round

Mountain bike available for hire with bike trail that begin at the camp

Several local activities

Camp site

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