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For a memorable Safari experience in Lake Manyara National Park you are advised to book your tour through a good tour operator. Here are our most recommended companies.

Tanzania is among the best destinations to enjoy an African Safari, thanks to its rich diversity of wildlife, hospitable people with diverse culture like the Maasai and the internationally renowned Wildebeest migration all of which can be see within its numerous national parks and game reserves. so as you plan to enjoy a safari in Lake Manyara National Park, it is important that you put a number of factors into consideration as you look for the best tour operator to manage your travel plans in Tanzania.


Top 4 Factor to consider when choosing a Tanzania Tour Operator / Company

  1. Compare the Price with quality of service offered

During your online search for a tour company to use, you will observe that for the same itinerary say a 3 Day Lake Manyara Ngorongoro & Tarangire Adventure, different tour operators offer different price quotations. This will somewhat help you know the kind of safari company you are dealing with. It is highly advised to avoid using tour operators that offer the cheapest price quotations as these usually offer unreliable services and the probability of incurring disappointments on your safari are really high. Nonetheless, companies with overrated prices should be avoided as well.

However to get the best company please look at the different activities offered within the itinerary as well as the listed quality of accommodation that you will stay at and compare these with price quotation offered.

  1. Compare the resources offered the tour operator

A good tour operator should offer great resources such as highly skilled tour driver-guides that are very knowledgeable about the different Tanzania safari destinations and wildlife and can speak at least two international languages. Another thin is their ability of offer good transport facilities such as well services spacious 4WD safari vehicles

  1. Checkout the Reviews from previous clients

Before zeroing down to a tour operator to use, always check out the different online reviews offered by the previous clients who have traveled with that tour operator. These can be seen on the different travel forums such as tripadvisor

  1. Better to use a local tour operator

It is highly recommended that you travel with a local company or tour operator as they are more familiar and knowledgeable about the different destinations in the country. For example, most out bound tour operators still list Selous Game Reserve instead of Nyerere National Park Tanzania. This confuses tourists. Using a local operator can aid you to have update information about your destinations.

Lake Manyara National Park is one of Africa’s alkaline water lakes located in the northern side of Tanzania, approximately ninety (90) minutes drive from Arusha town on a newly tarmac-surfaced road. This park is situated along the way to the well known Ngorongoro crater as well as the Serengeti. The park covers a total land area of 330 sq km of which 200 sq km is the lake. The park was set up in 1960 to save the elephant population. Although it is among the smallest park inside Tanzania, it features an amazing variety of plants, landscape as well as wild animals.

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This park is additionally famous for its tree climbing lion population. Actually there are just 2 lion populations on the planet that can climb trees; one of the populations is found in Lake Manyara Park while the other is in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park in an area referred to as the Ishasha area in Uganda. Most tourists visit this area to see the lions resting up in the branches of large fig or acacia trees; most likely to get away from the heat of the sun. These lions spend most of their day resting on the tree branches. Other animals frequently seen in the park include buffaloes, giraffes, cheetahs, monkeys, Impalas as well as olive baboons.

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Lake Manyara is habitat to thousands of the beautiful pink flamingoes. While you observe these flamingo birds, you’ll as well see several crocodiles plus hippo. Additionally various bird species are seen around this lake and these include: cormorants plus storks. This park is an ideal destination see the large number of birds in Tanzania with more than 400 bird species recorded within its boundaries. The mixture of large mammals, reptiles plus birds, as well as a great array of vegetation cover and diverse habitats make this park a very unique wildlife habitat worth visiting on a Tanzania Safari.

There is a lodge found on a hill in the isolated corner of this park, where you can enjoy clear views of the animals. Built to reveal the splendor of Lake Manyara, this luxury lodge is constructed with large bedrooms, spacious decks, sitting rooms, plus huge window areas. the sitting rooms have comfy sofas that offer ample warmth to the visitors. You will find a private room in which you can enjoy a soothing massage. Additionally there is a amazing swimming pool in which you can unwind at the end of a hot day’s adventure. The meals are very delicious and you will certainly enjoy them.

Game viewing can best be enjoyed in the dry season from July to up October. Throughout this time, visitors are certain to see several species of large mammal, whereas from November up to June, this is the best time to watch birds, for canoeing as well as visiting the waterfalls. Luckily, Night drive is permitted within the park however in the company of your authorized guide. The park can be accessed by road or using a scheduled flight coming from Arusha.


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